This or that: BET 2011 ‘Rip the Runway’

    Seven-inch heels or 3-inch heels? That question was enough to spark a debate on the red carpet at BET’s 2011 “Rip the Runway” Friday night.  

    Celebrities couldn’t help but give S2S their opinions on some of fashion’s trends of the moment, from skyscraper heels that nearly paralyze some women’s feet with pain to men with handbags and the ongoing battle between sneakers vs. shoes.  

    We learned that R&B singer Lloyd wants to have just as much fun as women when it comes to accessories, while “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Dwight Eubanks is loyal to old-school style, and BET’s president of music, programming and specials Stephen Hill has a shoe fetish. Whose fashionable side are you on?

    Skyscraper heels vs. shorter heels
    Dwight Eubanks:
    “Heels are never too much.  Those are shoes you sit, pose in and look pretty not walk in.  Once you get where you are going put on your pretty shoes.”

    Lola Monroe:
    “Heels are never too high.  They say the bigger the hair the closer to God so the higher the shoe the closer to God.  The highest heel I’ve worn is 7-inch heels.

    Miss Lawrence:
    “I don’t think skyscrapers are ridiculous.  I have a couple of them.  They should always be in but sometimes you do need a break from them and be more regular.”

    Stephen Hill:
    “I have no idea where I got this from but I love women’s heels.  A shoe and leg is one of the most phenomenal works of art.  An illusion to prevent pain is to wear really high heels with a high platform.  It’s not as bad on the heel.”

    Wiz Khalifa:
    “Sometimes looking good means there is a price to pay so I like the tall ones.”

    “If she’s doing something lavish then a skyscraper is nice.  Sometimes fashion is painful but it’s alright.”

    Backpacks vs. handbags for men
    Dwight Eubanks:
    “Neither.  A briefcase.”

    “I own a Louis Vuitton handbag.  It’s something about a bag that is cool.  Girls get to have all the fun so a handbag—I’m with it.”

    Miss Lawrence:
    “I like a good handbag because backpacks are for children.”

    Wiz Khalifa:
    “Definitely a backpack because you can throw that on and dip out with it.  You gotta be that type of person to pull a handbag off and I don’t have that much swag.”

    “Backpacks since it feels more utility.”

    Sneakers vs. shoes
    Dwight Eubanks:
    “Shoes is a classic.  Tennis shoes are for football fields and basketball courts.  I’m from the old school where in the ‘20’s and ‘30’s you needed a hat, walking stick, coat, gloves and the whole nine yards.”

    Miss Lawrence:
    “It depends on what they are doing but I think sneakers are okay now that Christian Louboutin steeped it up for men.”

    Wiz Khalifa:
    “I don’t dislike shoes but prefer sneakers ‘cause I’m more comfortable and Chucks go with anything.”

    The 2011 BET “Rip the Runway” special airs March 12th and is hosted by supermodel, Selita Ebanks and actor Mechad Brooks.

    – Souleo

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