‘I Will Follow’ leads to new beginnings

    A woman learns how to move on past tragedy to venture on to new beginnings in the new film I Will Follow.

    Maye has it all: a glamorous career in New York and a great man to top it off. It all comes crashing down when a close aunt is diagnosed with cancer. And so starts the story of a new independent film called I Will Follow, which stars Salli Richardson-Whitfield (I Am Legend and “Eureka”) as Maye.

    “Her aunt becomes very ill, and [Maye] decides to give up everything in her life to go take care of her,” Salli said. “The film takes place on the day that I am leaving the home that we have shared for a year, after she passed. And there are 12 people who come through my life that day. … [And I’m questioning,] ‘What is my life going to be like now? Where do I go from here?'”

    One of those 12 people is Maye’s new love interest, played by Omari Hardwick, who enters the scene during a time when Maye is deciding whether to return to her old life or embark on a new journey she didn’t see coming.

    Despite the For Colored Girls actor’s strong work ethic (“He really takes it seriously; he’s there to be the best he can,” Salli said), Omari’s looks seemed to cause quite a stir while filming. “As soon as he walks on, all the girls are happy,” Salli said, laughing.

    The movie is from up-and-coming director Ava DuVernay, a veteran film publicist and marketer who also directed the “My Mic Sounds Nice” documentary that aired on BET. According to Salli, the film is a personal one for Ava, who can relate to some of the events captured in the movie.

    “Even though this deals with a subject that’s sad, I think you [will] leave happy and feel like you’ve learned something and you’ve experienced something profound,” Salli said. “And you’ll really appreciate some great performances.”

    I Will Follow opens in select theaters on March 11. Visit iwillfollowfilm.com for locations.


    – Keosha Johnson




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