Rihanna reacts to Louis Farrakhan

    Rihanna’s not about to tweet an apology to Louis Farrakhan for being provocative.

    During Sunday’s Saviour’s Day convention in Chicago, Louis said that the way the singer performs is “filthy.” He doesn’t think much more of Rihanna’s fans either, referring to them as “swine.”

    Rihanna’s letting his criticism roll off her back while poking some holes in how he formed his unfavorable opinion of her work.

    “A minister says I perform filthy,sat+watched the filth,then called u SWINE for doin the same!Haa,Is that judgment in ur tone?,” Rihanna tweeted. “I certainly don’t think you are swine! But a holy man of God does!!!”

    The Muslim leader also showed support for Moammar Gadahfi, L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology during his hours-long speech.

    After brushing off Louis’ comments, she asked fans what her next move should be. “QUESTION EXISTING: I’m shootin a new vid in a cpl wks,” she tweeted, “I just need u to tell me, which song should I shoot? What is my next single?”

    Of course, Louis isn’t the first person to have a strong reaction to Rihanna’s sometimes racy performances and videos. YouTube recently flagged her “S&M” music video as inappropriate, limiting its views to only those over 18 years of age.

    This is RiRi’s second Twitter spat in the last week. Over the weekend, she and Ciara fired a few nasty messages at each other, but the two quickly made up. 



    — Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott




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