Will Smith to get biblical?

    Will Smith could be drawing inspiration from the Bible for his next movie role.

    WoooHa.com reported that Will is eyeing a role in the movie Joe, which is a modern take on the book of Job. Supposedly, the script is being penned by the crew who wrote The Fighter.

    Much like in the book of Job, Will’s character is doing pretty well for himself. He’s got a great house, a wonderful family and a nice car. "It’s about a man [who is living] the American dream," one of the film’s writers said.

    But, as you know, things go left when God decides to put Joe to the test.

    "God and the devil get together every thousand years to bet on a man’s life, and the fate of the world is at stake," the unnamed writer said. "What all of us get hit with in a lifetime, this man gets hit with in one week.  And it’s about whether or not he can still pick himself up from that and survive it."

    Although Job’s story is very dramatic, Joe will provide a few laughs while trying to teach a lesson. "It’s a dramedy. At its heart, it’s a comedy — but it’s got, obviously, a real dramatic core to it," the writer said.

    There’s no word on whether the film has been picked up by a studio at this time, but Universal (the people who brought you Bruce Almighty) might want to consider it.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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