Conrad Murray trial delayed

    Justice might just be delayed in the trial expected to determine who’s responsible for Michael Jackson’s death.


    Jury selection for Dr. Conrad Murray’s court case was supposed to begin March 24; however, that will now be the day that prospective jurors are given questionnaires. The actual court proceedings have been postponed until May.

    Dr. Murray, who reportedly reminded the court of his right to a speedy trial, will have to wait because the prosecution claims his attorneys have not shared all of their information.

    “It is only acceptable to me if this is not strung along over a long period of time. I don’t want to lose my constitutional right to speedy trial,” Dr. Murray said, according to ABC News.

    In particular, the prosecution wants more details describing what to expect from the 93 witnesses the doctor’s team has named.

    The judge ordered the defense to provide summaries of the witnesses’ testimony to the prosecution team.

    However, in a closed meeting earlier this week, the judge determined that the defense still had not divulged enough for the trial to start when originally scheduled.

    Dr. Murray, Michael Jackson’s former physician, has pled not guilty to the involuntary manslaughter charges.



    -Tracy L. Scott



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