Da Brat talks braids, beefs and bad attitudes

    It doesn’t seem like Da Brat had such a hard time serving her two-and-a-half year prison sentence.

    The “Funkdafied” rap artist has been telling anyone who’ll listen about how she received more than enough attention from her fellow inmates who fought to braid her hair. However, she said her relationships were all strictly platonic.

    “I had to cuss a couple of people out because you know if you come across as too nice, people are going to try and take advantage,” she said. “You gotta let them know and once I did that, nobody tried me,” she told Bossip.

    She also talked about the celebrities who took time from their busy schedules to visit her while she was incarcerated.

    “Mariah [Carey] and Nick [Cannon] came … Kat  Williams came …,” said Da Brat who understood why producer Jermaine Dupri didn’t visit.

    “Despite what people had to say about my brother JD, he just could not see me in that light and I understand that. Some people don’t want to see their people locked down, so I’m not mad at him at all. I love him and I know he loves me despite whatever negative things other people say,“ she told Bossip.

    Da Brat intends to work with JD again once she’s done with house arrest. For now, she is readjusting to life on the outside. That includes letting go of the negativity that brought her trouble in the past.

    “My life–period–is going to be ten thousands times better because my temper and my attitude have totally adjusted. I think I am a better person, a wiser person, a smarter person who is not going to take anything for granted anymore,” she said.

    Her new attitude might explain her reluctance to inject herself into the Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj beef.

    “My personal thoughts on beefing … when it’s only like six of us left trying to put out records … it’s not enough for us to beef,” she told Vibe.com. “It makes no sense to me, but if that’s what they do, let them do that.”




    -Tracy L. Scott




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