Friday Funnies: Byron Cage gets pranked


    Gospel artist Byron Cage leaned on his faith earlier this week when he was prank-called by Nephew Tommy of radio’s “Steve Harvey Morning Show.”
    Byron answered the phone and was led to believe that his Male Vocalist of the Year Stellar award was given to him by mistake and that Marvin Sapp should have received the honor.
    “That Stellar Award is on my mantel, and that Stellar Award is going to stay right where it is,” Byron said.
    Things started to get a little hood when the caller threatened to come to Byron’s home to get the trophy.
    “You ain’t dealing with no punk, man. You come up in my house, it might be something else,” Byron warned. “I wish you would.”
    The two men exchanged Bible verses as they tried to remain calm and keep it Christian.
    Listen to the confrontation here.






    -Tracy L. Scott



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