NeNe blames ‘difficult’ Star for drama

    Did Star Jones’ name-dropping, diva demands and alleged pretentious attitude cause her “Celebrity Apprentice” rift with NeNe Leakes?

    On “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” earlier this week, NeNe described Star as “a difficult person.”

    “She is not a piece of cake. She is not a walk in a park,” NeNe said.

    When challenged about her own reputation as a strong personality, NeNe admitted that she isn’t exactly easy like Sunday morning either, “but I can tell you one thing that people will tell you: I am not difficult to work with. I walk on any set, I’m ready to work. I’m not demanding hair and makeup. I’m not telling you that all of my friends are doctors and lawyers and A-list stars, and I’m from the Upper East Side,” NeNe said.

    Star, who is friends with Vanessa Bell Calloway, Vivica Fox and other well-known actresses, may have simply been relaying details of her fabulous lifestyle. However, not everyone takes too kindly to name dropping, even when it’s genuine.

    Whatever the reason for the discord, NeNe said she wasn’t the only one Star rubbed the wrong way.

    “Star has an argument with me, with LaToya [Jackson], with Lisa Rinna, with Meatloaf. So, there you go.”

    It seems NeNe and Star were never really cool, but things between them started off okay. NeNe teased that inquiring minds would have to tune in to the show to find out exactly where things went wrong, but NeNe claims that Star started it.

    No matter how or when it began, NeNe assured that any animosity between her and Star is over.

    “I’m not fighting with Star. That happened last year. I am in a different place today. I don’t think about Star. Star is not who I want to wake up and talk about every day,” she said.

    NeNe may not have found a friend in Star while taping the season, but she said that she and LaToya are still in contact.

    “LaToya and I did bump heads, but I must tell you, we are good today. She’s the person I’ve talked to most since I left the show. Star was the reason why we bumped heads. We straightened Star out,” she said.

     The “Celebrity Apprentice” premieres Sunday on NBC.


    -Tracy L. Scott



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