Chris Brown gets naked

    Maybe Chris Brown’s bleach job affected more than just his hair.

    This weekend, the star allegedly “leaked” images of himself – buck naked!

    While it’s not certain that Chris publicized the images himself, it’s been speculated that he was suffering from a moment of extreme pride in his physique and decided to share his gifts with the world.

    However, the more official version of the story is that Chris sent the photo to an ex-girlfriend via text and the former lover decided to spread it around.

    Chris has posted comments to his Twitter wall since the pictures surfaced. Surprisingly, he hasn’t responded to the photo’s circulation around the Web. His silence leads some to believe that the “leak” is just a publicity stunt to help increase hype around Chris’ upcoming release.

    Twitter users had plenty of thoughts to share about the explicit image.

    Whether fans liked, hated or felt intimidated by the photo, it definitely caused a stir. It remains to be seen whether the fame of Chris’ photos will help the sales of his newest album, F.A.M.E.



    -Tracy L. Scott



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