Get to know Rockmond Dunbar

    Rockmond Dunbar has made his mark working on of some of the hottest projects in Black Hollywood, such as Tyler Perry’s The Family that Preys and the very prominent “Soul Food” TV series. He’s also stamped his name on some ventures (the successful “Prison Break” series) and taken chances on others (the not-so-successful “Terriers” series), but he is coming out on top as a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s an attractive, intelligent, single—ahem—man, either!

    But Rockmond has more going on behind-the-scenes than the solid good looks that you might see on the screen. An accomplished artist (in more ways than one), he’s had art exhibitions on an international level. The show, called “ARTHERAPY,” featured 42 paintings, which were on sale for art appreciators to take home. Rockmond said that his recent divorce (Who could possibly let this man go?!) “sucked a lot of the artistic creativeness” out of him, but he’s now getting back into it. “I’m single again and happy,” he said. “That creative passion and spark is back in me again and I’m starting to paint again.”
    He has also developed a production company along with his business partner, Carol Ann Shine, and is producing and directing films such as his pride and joy, Pastor Brown, which he directed two years ago and is trying to find a home for now. “It’s taking some time, but like all independent films–African-American films–like, 90 percent of them die,” Rockmond said. “So we’re just trying to keep this one alive.” Pastor Brown stars some well-known names such as Nicole Ari Parker, Keith David, Tasha Smith and Tisha Campbell-Martin.
    As for Tyler Perry and the franchise that has created an incredible following—a franchise that has also been taking some hard hits lately at the hands of celebs such as Idris Elba (Wait, didn’t he star in a Tyler Perry production?)—Rockmond takes pride in being a Tyler Perry alum, and is quick to defend his friend and the films Tyler has made famous. “Tyler, he’s an anomaly. He’s an amazing man. He’s an amazing friend. Very generous, very honest in his approach to business. I’d definitely work with him again,” he said. “Thank God he’s on the team of trying to make decent films and films that are entertaining. So, I appreciate him.”
    And we definitely appreciate this talented actor/ artist/ director/ producer! If you’re looking for your next Rockmond fix, you can catch him tonight, March 7, guest-starring on FOX’s enthralling drama “The Chicago Code” at 9 p.m. (EST). And if waiting even that long is just too hard (we know the feeling, ladies), check him out in the clip below.

    – Ariana Gordon


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