Mariah Carey gushes about gift

    Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon can’t say enough about a very heartfelt baby shower gift from her fans.

    The singer and her hubby hosted a baby shower for their twins, a boy and a girl, over the weekend. Although fans  weren’t able to attend the party they still sent their love. And, among all the amazing gifts Mariah received, the one from her fans proved to be the most treasured.

    “The “Always Be My Babies” ‘Lamb Book’ is definitely my new prized possession and I can’t thank the Lambs around the world enough for your letters & well wishes,” Mariah wrote on her website yesterday.

    According to the book also contained poems that fans wrote for the babies, and it was illustrated by family photos of Nick and Mariah. Apparently, the couple’s guests also went gaga for the baby book.

    “We so had a ‘moment’ in the middle of the shower when they presented the book to me and everyone thought it was the cutest, most thoughtful thing ever!” Mariah stated. “Clearly, only the Lambs would swing something like that home!!! It was the best moment of the night. I can’t wait for the twins to read the messages and feel the love!”

    Mariah admits that she still hasn’t opened all the gifts following the blue-and-pink baby shower, held in Beverly Hills, but the lamb book may be very hard to beat.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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