Sha Hayes: Bobby Brown on ‘The View’

    Bobby Brown is back—well, sorta of–with a new album titled Masterpiece.

    On “The View” yesterday, Bobby said he feels this is his best album ever, “When you are clean you have more clarity,” he said to co-hosts Sherri Shepherd and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

    During the interview, I was waiting with bated breathe for him to address the recent pictures of his daughter Bobbi Kristina allegedly snorting cocaine. The interview ended and there was no mention.

    The rumor is that Bobby told the producers of the show that he would talk about the Bobbi scandal, but when he got there, he decided not to discuss it. I wonder if he got a little phone call from Ms. Houston reminding him that she is from Jersey and she will come after him if he mentions their daughter’s name. He didn’t discuss the pictures, but he did say his daughter sings like a bird and he will be doing a duet with her in the future.

    Bobby got on stage to perform and I felt he was reliving his ‘80s glory days. I really want Bobby to progress past the “Prerogative”-style songs and get a little deeper in his music. There was a time when Bobby really knew how to captivate an audience and I felt a little embarrassed for the man whose posters once covered my wall.

    The song he performed, “Get Out the Way,” is catchy at best, but the performance was a little all over the place. His voice was very cracky, and at one point, I was watching the performance with one eye open. I just hope the rest of the album has more of a mature style to it. And I want him to STOP it with the all leather outfits! I only say it cause I love him.

    Check out a snippet of the interview and the performance.


    -Sha Hayes




    Sha Hayes is a comedian and freelance writer who currently resides in New York.






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