Evelyn Lozada quitting the team?

    Another cast change for “Basketball Wives” might be in the works as rumors circulate that Evelyn Lozada could be quitting the show!

    While it remains to be seen whether Royce Reed will join the next season of the VH1 reality series, sources close to Evelyn told TMZ that said she is ready to leave the show. Reportedly, Evelyn sent a letter to “Basketball Wives” producers informing them that she was ready to quit the team

    Why is Evelyn ready to call it quits? Supposedly, she felt betrayed by Shaunie O’Neal and the other producers because, according to Evelyn, they prompted her explosive confrontation with castmate Tami Roman.

    Evelyn and Tami’s fight, which aired during the season finale of “Basketball Wives,” started after Evelyn confessed to sleeping with Tami’s ex-husband while they were married. How’d Tami take the news? Find out when you watch the clip below.

    For her part, Shaunie swears there was no way that she could have prevented the fight between Evelyn and Tami. Beyond that, she’s mortified with how the affair was revealed.

    “I couldn’t start something I didn’t know. I didn’t know that about Evelyn,” Shaunie told VH1. “We taped the whole season and no one said anything to me about Kenny [Anderson]. When Evelyn finally told me, it was so uncomfortable for me.”

    When she found out about Evelyn and Kenny, though, Shaunie said, “I felt awful, an immediate disgusting feeling.”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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