Aretha Franklin denies bypass rumors

    Aretha Franklin squashed rumors that her weight loss is the result of gastric bypass surgery and says she lost 85 pounds the old-fashioned way.
    “If I had to have that surgery, I would be fat,” said Aretha, who said the procedure is too scary for her.
    When the Queen of Soul appeared on the Grammys, via satellite, following a highly publicized surgery, it was obvious that she’d lost a significant amount of weight.
    Although she stated in interviews that she lost weight by exercising and changing her eating habits, that didn’t stop the rumors. Many speculated that her visits to the surgeon may have had something to do with the drastic physical change, but Aretha insists a family tragedy will prevent her from ever going down that road.
    “I had a cousin who had that surgery, and she turned green, and she did pass, too,” Aretha said. “That’s something I would never ever do,” she told “Access Hollywood.”
    Watch the video below.


    –Tracy L. Scott



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