Morning Buzz 3.11.11

    Monyetta Shaw pregnant again? 

    There’s word that Ne-Yo’s friend, Monyetta Shaw, is ready to pop out another baby.

    According to, four months after delivering daughter Madilyn Grace Smith, Monyetta is pregnant again. 

    A source from Ne-Yo’s ciricle said the singer is hoping for a boy this time around.


    Snoop from “The Wire” busted

    Life is imitating art for Felicia “Snoop” Pearson of HBO’s “The Wire.” She was one of more than 60 people arrested in a drug bust in Baltimore on Wednesday.
    The Baltimore Sun reports that Felicia was arrested on aiding and abetting charges as well as heroin-related charges. She was at a downtown high-rise when she was taken into custody. Although authorities say her part in the violent drug operation was relatively small, it served to shine a national spotlight on the arrests.

    A DEA agent said the goal of the five-month operation, dubbed Operation Usual Suspects, was to “totally dismantle this organization.” And Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III said the mission goes even farther back, stating, “This is truly a heavy-lifting case that goes back to 2008.”

    This is not Felicia’s first run-in with the law. Her 2007 memoir, Grace After Midnight, talks about how she killed another teen at the age of 14. She subsequently served a prison sentence for murder at Jessup State Penitetiary.


    Dirty Money Crew does “American Idol”

    Diddy and Dirty Money Crew hit up “American Idol” to promote their latest single–and, by extension, their upcoming tour.

    The trio delivered a heartfelt performance of “Coming Home,” where Diddy ponders the benefits of grounding his jet-setting lifestyle to spend time with his family.

    Dawn Richard and Kaleena, as always, did an awesome job providing backup vocals and looking fly during the performance, which you can watch below.


    Snoop roasts Trump
    Does Donald Trump have a sense of humor? Comedy Central viewers will find out Tuesday when Larry King and Snoop Dogg join other celebs in roasting the business mogul.
    Trump has been an easy target in the past as comedians often focus on his combover hairstyle and his affinity toward younger women, but it looks like Snoop decided to be a bit more original with his zingers.
    Check out the short clip below.




    – Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott



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