Rihanna goes down under

    Rihanna had a casual girlfriend pow wow down under on “Chelsea Lately” last night.

    After grabbing each other’s behinds when the singer walked on set, the two began chatting about Rihanna’s birthday party, the VMAs and the lack of Black people in Australia.

    “Every time I’m on stage, and I see someone Black, I notice it. It’s such a thing to notice. It’s really rare to see Black people here. It has a lot to do with the history of this country, but it really is extraordinary when you see one,” Rihanna said. “They’re usually really, really dark, which is beautiful, but you only see that here.”

    Chelsea explained, “Well, the sun is very strong.”

    Rihanna was in Australia as part of her Last Girl on Earth tour and will be starting her LOUD tour in June.

    On performing with Eminem at the VMAs, Rihanna confessed to being nervous. “When you see him–his eyes–there’s so much going on in his mind. It really blows your mind to see someone with so many thoughts and so many emotions. You just kind of want to know what thoughts are going through his mind exactly when and how they go through his mind,” she said. “I was completely ecstatic that Eminem wanted to do a song with me.”

    Rihanna also talks about her new Nivea campaign and her skin care regimen. Find out how she keeps her youthful glow in the clip of the interview below.



    -Tracy L. Scott



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