Olivia’s ready for ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Season 2

    Olivia is watching episodes of “Love & Hip Hop” along with the rest of us, and it makes her nervous. “We don’t know how they’re editing,” Olivia told S2S at a screening of the show held at Bar 7 in Washington, D.C.
    We’ve all heard about the heavy editing that’s done on reality shows, and “Love & Hip Hop” is no different. The cast members have not been allowed to watch final versions of episodes before they air, so the ladies have no idea what will come out of their mouths next!
    Olivia said that the show is nothing like “Basketball Wives,” because it chronicles very real situations with her real friends Chrissy Lampkin and Emily Bustamante.

    “I’m the single one, so I give my advice to Chrissy and Emily in their situations because one is trying to get acknowledged in the relationship and one wants to move to the next step,” Olivia explained. “So I tell them how I feel and they tell me little things too because I’m picky with dating.”
    Olivia continued, “Then of course, with my music, you see everything from when I started up until now; I talk about everything, which I really haven’t done as openly before. Where you see me crying in a certain scene, that’s real. Those are my real emotions, so this show is very real.”
    “Love & Hip Hop” will detail Olivia’s efforts to prove that she’s a real singer who can deliver more than hooks. Olivia started her career with the #1 single “Bizounce” and a gold-selling album released by Clive Davis’ J Records. But, when the label couldn’t figure out how to market her, she jumped to Interscope.
    “That’s where I met 50 and became Interscope/G-Unit. Of course, I was then turned into doing hip-hop hooks,” Olivia said, explaining the path her career took. “I was supposed to be a solo artist, but he made me a part of the group, so I can’t get away from that. It’s just things I had to do to get to the next plateau.”
    Although Olivia’s sound took a left turn, she’s said she has no regrets. “Now I’ve found exactly what I want to do. I know my niche and I stick to it.” Her new music will be showcased on “Love & Hip-Hop,” and we’ll find out which label she’s currently signed to (she won’t reveal it until it airs on the show). Olivia’s new album will be out later this year, but her single “Lick Salt Shot Lime” is already available online.
    “The exposure is great. So however they edit it, you know what? I really don’t care because I know who I am,” Olivia said. “Everybody’s going to judge me anyway. Let’s go to season 2 and buy the album.”



    – Sabrina M. Parker



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