Phaedra Parks pitches new projects

    Phaedra Parks wants to teach a whole new generation what it means to be a lady.

    Just because this season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” has wrapped, doesn’t mean Phaedra is off her grind. reports that the reality TV star decided to help all her fans, and any other takers, by educating them on how to be a lady in her upcoming book.

    “It’s about being a southern belle and all the accoutrements that go with it,” Pheadra explained. “It’s a modern-day twist on etiquette and being a lady. And it’s alright for women to embrace their ladylike side.”

    “RHOA” viewers know that Phaedra never misses an opportunitiy to indulge in a little southern hospitality through her various traditions, like the sip and see debut of her son. The entertainment attorney feels the masses these days are in desperate need of her helpful hints to enjoy the good life, and that includes taking a little time to relax.

    “It’s high time that women start enjoying being ladies again. People have moved away from that,” she said. “I want to give my tips. So many people over the years have asked me about how to have it all without losing yourself.”

    After her stint on “RHOA,” Phaedra revealed that she is ready to step behind the camera and take a seat in the producer’s chair. Reportedly, she is pitching three new “uplifting” and “empowering” reality series.

    “The first show is a docudrama and will take a group of women and empower them,” Phaedra explained. “The second show is more of a documentary that deals with serious issues of dating. And the third show is more fun and lighthearted focusing on alternative lifestyles.”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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