Usher trades places in sex tape scandal

    Their marriage might be over, but Usher and Tameka Foster have been thrown back togeher in sex tape scandal!

    According to, a sex tape of the former couple is being shopped around Los Angeles. The gossip outlet reports that someone claiming to have the steamy video hit them up a few days ago and supplied TMZ with a few salacious samples as proof.

    Supposedly, from the video and pictures TMZ recieved it was very clear that Usher and Tameka were the couple was caught getting naughty on camera. And supposedly, the footage brings new meaning to the term “trading places.”

    Although sources close to Usher didn’t specifically confirm that such a tape does exist, they said that it could have been among a number of things stolen from the singer’s SUV in December 2009.

    Tameka hasn’t denied making a sex tape, either. However, she has denied having anything to do with the leak because it could hurt her reputation and, by extension, her family and personal projects.

    “Yes, I have had sex with my [ex] husband.  Multiple times,” Tameka told in a statement. “Would I sanction a sex tape being out? Absolutely not. I am a mother and entrepreneur. Sex tapes or pornography would not be my lane. I have no desire to be seen in that way.”

    Usher himself has yet to comment on the situation.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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