Chris Brown prepping another album

    Although his upcoming release F.A.M.E. has yet to drop, Chris Brown said he’ll be ready to release another album in about six months.

    At a listening party for F.A.M.E., due out March 22, the “No BS” singer told fans that he’s already thinking ahead to his next release. This upcoming album is just one half of a larger studio project, according to

    “That is the first part of the F.A.M.E. album,” Chris said. “I’m coming out with another album six months later.”

    Breezy has a lot of material to choose from for his next album, tentatively titled Fortune (get it? F.A.M.E. and Fortune). The crooner revealed that he’d recorded “over 400 songs” for the album set. 

    That’s great news for the music world, but who’s going to be buying the albums? Despite all of his efforts to redeem himself (and his brand) following his infamous fight with Rihanna in February 2009, many music lovers are still on the fence about supporting him. So, S2S wanted to know if it’s okay to like Chris again and whether they’ll buy F.A.M.E.? After polling our fans on Facebook, the answer was a near-unanimous “Yes!”

    As a matter of fact, to many of our readers on Facebook, the question is long overdue. “I been started liking him again,” wrote Tanisha Crump. “He has been paying his dues….so yes i will be supporting him!!!

    MizBehavin Moe said she is definitely Team Breezy and wrote, “[I] never stopped liking Chris. I’ve supported every mixtape he’s put out during his ‘crisis.’ His personal business has nuthn to do with his talent. He’s still a great entertainer.” Laqueeta Coleman echoed the sentiment with “I LOVE Chris Brown!!! I don’t give a darn.”

    Ashley White’s no fair-weather fan, either, and she’s continued to support Chris over the last couple of years. “I love him and will buy his music. He’s trying to better himself, stop knocking him,” she said.

    Nicole Williams was a bit more objective in her reply to our question, answering, “I love me sum Chris Brown & he didn’t kick my ass so I forgive him!”

    Others, like Le’Aja Simone, are still torn on whether it’s cool to be a Chris fan. “I never stopped liking him, but I probably will not buy his new album. Though, I am feeling his new songs, ” she said.

    Lesley Hamm was less confused on her stance to stop backing Breezy. “I forgive him if RiRi can. But I hate what he did, and I used to like his music,” she asserted, adding that she thinks Chris’ album cover looks kind of creepy to her. “Sorry, [but]  every time I look at him, it brings me back to those photos of Riri. I am no longer a fan and won’t be buying his F.A.M.E. CD.”

    Chris and Rihanna’s fight hit a little too close to home for Sheila Redell Foster, who has also revoked her Chris Brown fan status. “I personally don’t support him because of experiences I have had with abuse. It takes a certain vile character to do that,” Sheila wrote. “Even though none of us will know the details fully I just was disgusted by the whole thing. I am not the biggest Rhianna fan, either.”

    She added, “I wouldn’t spend my money on either of them, and I’m so sure it won’t be missed.”

    – Sonya Eskridge

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