Sha Hayes: VH1 reality rundown

    Blogger Sha Hayes reviews VH1’s latest reality shows and the "Basketball Wives" reunion.


    Reality shows have completely consumed my life to the point my DVR is almost full with foolishness. I just seem to not be able to get enough of it all. After a long weekend, I sat on my couch in a reality show trance.

    I started off with “Basketball Wives” reunion parts 1 and 2 and they didn’t disappoint. There was so many B-words being thrown around, I started feeling offended like they were talking to me. Evelyn and Royce went back and forth about how each other could care less about the other. Evelyn told Royce she typically looks a mess and Royce told Evelyn to keep her legs close. I was just waiting for this to turn into a “Bad Girls Club” reunion. Those always end up with one person jumping out her chair and flying across the stage to attack another. I tell you one thing: they surely know how to keep the anticipation for the next season on high.

    Then there was “Love and Hip Hop.” Where should I even start with this show?  There are five women who in some way are connected to hip-hop. There’s Somaya the violinist rapper; then there’s Chrissy, Jim Jones girlfriend. Fabolous’ girlfriend, baby momma and stylist, Emily, is on the show, too. Now that’s what I call keeping it in the family. Then there’s Olivia who was once signed to G-UNIT and now trying to re-establish her career as a singer. Good luck with that, boo. Mashonda is Swizz Beatz’s ex-wife and I know that’s going to be interesting because during the taping of the show, she is actually going through the breakup with Swizz. This will be my new guilty pleasure.

    Then because my TV was still on, I walked into my living room and saw the most hilarious display of craziness that I’ve ever seen. “Beverly Hills Fabulous” is about salon owner Elgin Charles who is the baby daddy and ex-husband of Jackée Harry. I am oh so confused about that relationship, but I’ll move on.

    The premiere show was so phony it was faker then the weaves the stylist was sewing in people’s hair. My problem with reality shows like this, if you have to stage things in a show then it’s not reality and you shouldn’t have a show if the real stuff is not that interesting. This show will not be filling up my DVR, but they do give good hair tips in between the commercials.


    -Sha Hayes




    Sha Hayes is a comedian and freelance writer who currently resides in New York.






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