Gloss Da Boss builds her rep

    Watch out for Atlanta’s next hot female rapper, Gloss Da Boss, because she’s got plans to change the game.

    Following in the tradition of Rasheeda and Diamond, Gloss Da Boss has her eyes set on hip-hop stardom. But the road to international celebrity is a long one, so she’s starting out by making a name for herself in ATL.

    While she’s relatively new to the underground scene, she’s got big plans–such as introducing a new flavor to hip-hop. She grew up listening to pop, rock, R&B and of course hip-hop, so she’s looking to combine all of those influences in her music.

    “I call my music urban suburban,” explained Gloss, who was born in Harlem, before her family moved to the suburbs of Atlanta. With a background like that, Gloss is equally comfortable on northern and southern tracks. “I feel like Gloss represents both,” she said. “That’s an advantage that I have. Gloss is very versatile.”

    Gloss said that mix of inspiration gives her more creative freedom, which she puts to good use in the studio whenever she gets the chance. “I’ve taken little elements from each genre and put them into a form of hip-hop,” she said. “If I’m in a Britney Spears mood, I’ll go to the studio and record a pop track.”

    Gloss stresses that she can do more than rap; she’s a singer and a dancer too. “There’s a lot of different sides that people can expect from Gloss,” she said.

    If you can’t quite put a face with the name or rhymes, you might remember Gloss from the ladies’ remix of “Say Ahh,” featuring Trina, Rasheeda and Tamika Scott. Gloss spits the last verse, doing a nice job of rounding-out the party-girl anthem. Check it out below.

    “I feel like it takes a lot to be a female in this industry because it’s male dominated,” Gloss said while paying homage to all the FeMCs that came before her.  Although she admires every woman that rocked the mic and paved the way for her, Gloss said she’d like to emulate Queen Latifah most of all. “She came out as a female MC, but at the same time showed respect for herself.”

    Gloss would also like to model her hustle after Latifah’s because she really wants to do a little bit of everything. The Atlanta rapper is currently studying fashion at an Atlanta community college and marketing her own line of lip gloss.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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