Nicki Minaj mobbed in London

     If Nicki Minaj was unsure about her international popularity, she’s certain now, after being mobbed at a hotel in London while on tour.
    “From the second we arrived in London, there were paparazzi everywhere. Kids were camped outside the hotel,” she told Black Book magazine.
    “Something weird happened every time they saw me, like, ‘Oh, my God, there she is! I need to get her right now,’” she added.
    Reportedly, some fans made their way inside the hotel and attempted to reach Nicki’s suite. They didn’t get to Nicki, but they did wake up her makeup artist.
    “Seven girls banged on her door and they were like, ‘Take us to Nicki!’” she said.
    Nicki and her entourage then relocated to another hotel, according to reports.
    Although this trip seemed to cause more pandemonium than most, the London love wasn’t completely unexpected.
    In January she took to Twitter to request that her British fans keep their cool.
    “Ok london I see ur tweets. Ima need yall to not attack me everyday like I wasn’t JUST there! Lmao,” Nicki wrote on her Twitter wall.

    If Nicki is trying to calm her fans, she might be going about it the wrong way.
    The “Moment 4 Life” singer entertained fans in Rhode Island by treating an audience member to a lap dance.
    It was all pretty PG, but she’s not likely to lose any male fan if she keeps that up.
    Watch the amateur lap dance video below.




    – Tracy L. Scott



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