Star Jones suing Lisa Rinna for harassment?

    Can Star Jones get along with anyone on “The Celebrity Apprentice?” Now, she’s clashing with former teammate Lisa Rinna.

    If NeNe Leakes doesn’t scare Star, you know she isn’t about to be bullied by Lisa. According to E! News, Lisa has been firing off a stream of angry tweets and e-mails ever since her unceremonious dismissal from “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

    Lisa dragged Star and Dionne Warwick onto the chopping block with her before getting the dreaded, “You’re fired,” from Donald Trump on the second episode of this season. A source close to the actress told E! that “Lisa was so furious she was kicked off so early and blamed it all on Star. Lisa went home and started sending nasty e-mails.”

    Now, after months of bitter messages, Star has had enough! The former lawyer said Lisa has harrassed her so much off-camera that she’s had to take her complaint to NBC’s legal division. While the tweets in question have been deleted from Lisa’s Twitter page, Star managed to save a few “foul” messages. One such post was a picture of Lisa with a demonic statue with the caption, “Great shot of me and Star Jones.”

    To help build her case against the former soap star, Star also has a number of e-mails she got from Lisa as early as last fall. The TV host has handed the “evidence of [Lisa’s] instabililty” over to NBC’s lawyers, and she’s reportedly tapped the legal teams at The Trump Organization and Mark Burrnett Productions for help with silencing Lisa’s onslaught of insults.

    Star has been in a very public feud with NeNe for months, but why has she kept all the drama with Lisa so quiet? “Star hasn’t taken the behind-the-scenes fight public because she thinks it would ruin Lisa,” an insider said.  But “Star is taking this very seriously.”

    Find out why Lisa’s so mad when you watch the latest episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice” below.




    – Sonya Eskridge




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