Tweeters blame Lil Wayne

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    You might think that being a Twitter trending topic is a good thing for any celeb, but not when the topic is “Blame Lil Wayne.”

    The subject mysteriously showed up yesterday and remained a top topic for several hours, sustained by Weezy critics who took the opportunity to blame the Young Money patriarch for everything from face tattoos to skinny jeans on men.

    Of course, the loyal fans were there to defend Weezy, but they were clearly outnumbered by those venting their frustrations.

    While folks were hatin’, Weezy was in Rhode Island performing with other Young Money artists. Glad to be back after spending time in prison, Weezy told the audience, “I swear to God, I was in a place a few months ago, I couldn’t imagine this sh–, but now that I’m here, it’s better than I could have imagined.”

    Check out some of the most original tweets.








    That just goes to prove that no one is immune to negative publicity. See more “Blame Lil Wayne” tweets here.



    – Tracy L. Scott



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    One thought on “Tweeters blame Lil Wayne

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