Eric Williams admits love for Jen

     Eric Williams, the soon-to-be ex-husband of “Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams, said he’s still in love with her.

    “I love the woman. I’m still in love with that woman,” he said on the DJ Charlamagne show.

    So if he loves her, why isn’t he fighting to keep the marriage? Eric said he did, but after more than a year of trying to make it work, he realized things weren’t going to improve, and that’s what viewers saw on the show.

    “I didn’t want to get a divorce. I’m the one who’s tryin’ to make $h_t happen. It had been a year and a half I’d been tryin’ to. You feel me? Nobody don’t know that part,” he said.

    After all his dirty deeds had been exposed, Eric was ready to move on with the marriage, but it seems it might have been too late.

    “I admit the wrong that I did. There you go. If it’s not gonna to happen, then let’s just do what we need to do,” said Eric, who said that his cheating days are behind him.

    Broken vows weren’t the only issue, though. Eric said the physical distance between him and Jennifer eventually led to emotional distance.

    “This time away, space, confiding in others, and just space in between, it got to the point where she was doing her thing, and she wasn’t focusing on the meat,” said Eric, who admitted that he was focused on his career.

    During the interview, Eric had nothing but positive things to say about Jennifer. As a matter of fact, he said he worried about how the show might have a negative effect on her.

    “I was more about how they were going to respect her after the show. I came across kind of like the bad guy because I’m showing passion and it’s real. The stuff that we going through is real. This ain’t some ‘Brady Bunch’ $h_t. This some real $h_t here, “ he said.

    Eric also shed some light on the very noticeable knot on his head. It’s a scar from a stab wound.

    When asked why he hasn’t gotten it removed, he said, “Ain’t no need to. It’s a constant reminder for me. … I got stabbed. I got 36 stitches. I was being young and dumb. I don’t worry about that exterior stuff. That don’t make me, homie,” he said.

    Watch the interview below.




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