Toccara disagrees with ‘curvy’ size 2s


     Toccara, whose curves no one would call into question, has taken issue with the misuse of the word.

    “They’re putting women on these magazine covers—actresses and artists—and saying they’re curvy and they’re really not,” said the former plus-sized model.

    In reference to singer Rihanna’s recent Vogue cover, Toccara said RiRi might fit into the curvy category … from the waist down.

    “In defense of Rihanna, she does have some thick legs… She does have some big, beautiful, thick legs. So, I will say that she’s curvy bottom half. I’ll give her that,” she said.

    However, generally speaking those with dress sizes in the single digits, are likely not members of the curvaceous club, according to Toccara.

    “I do have issue with them throwing size 2s and 4s on covers and saying, ‘This is curvy’,” said Toccara who has lost weight since she was first discovered on “America’s Next Top Model.”

    She also showed up on a season of VH1’s “Celebrity Fit Club,” where she lost 25 pounds. She currently promotes healthy weight loss with her exercise DVD, “Toccara’s Fabulous Workout.”

    More than anything else, Toccara doesn’t want to be compared to other women who aren’t really part of the club.

    “I do personally feel some kind of way when I see women that I know and they say, ‘Oh, her curves are this and that,’ and I know if I stand next to them, I look freakin’ huge,” she told Hip Hollywood.


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    -Tracy L. Scott




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