Mel B’s pregnant

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    Mel B has announced that she’s expecting baby number three this summer.

    The former Spice Girls member told Hello! magazine that she’ll be delivering her child sometime “around July, August.” Mel already has two daughters, Phoenix, 12, and a toddler named Angel, but this will be her first baby with hubby Stephen Belafonte. 

    Although Mel is used to working around a baby bump by now, she said this pregnancy isn’t like her others because she’s going through it with such a reliable, attentive partner this time.

    “Both my pregnancies have been lucky and happy and exciting, no matter what situation I’ve been in,” Mel said. “This is different because we have been married for four years. We have a history together. We’re best friends. We’re in it together and he’s totally supportive.”

    Mel said she’s planning to take full advantage of having another baby on board. “I like the feeling of being pregnant,” she admitted. “I like being able to just eat something if I’m craving it. I definitely do put on weight, but I think you’re meant to when you’re pregnant. I think it’s healthy.”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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