Star shocked by co-stars’ attacks

    Star Jones said she was surprised by all the hate she received from co-stars following the taping of “Celebrity Apprentice.”

    Star, who showed up on “The Talk” on Monday, said she didn’t feel much tension with co-star NeNe Leakes during the show’s taping and now it’s hard to witness.

    “It’s difficult to watch now, knowing what came after,” she said.

    Since the show’s taping, NeNe has been very vocal about her dislike of Star and a preview of upcoming episodes shows the two butting heads.

    On the latest episode, NeNe referred to the attorney as “big, bossy Star.”

    “I’m bossy. I embrace my bossiness,” Star said, noting, “They’re not mad when I’m bossy and it works to their benefit.”

    In contrast to the subtle tension she hardly noticed with NeNe, Star said in the case of Lisa Rinna, she knew right away that the actress was “out to get” her, but Star has still been surprised by what she’s seen on TV.

    “I didn’t know the things she was saying,” Star said, who’s reportedly seeking legal action against Lisa for harassment.

    Star admits that she started taking things personally, but don’t mistake that small admission of emotion as a sign of weakness.

    “If you really want to take down the queen you better kill her,” she said, continuing on to say that she played hard to win and raise money for heart disease.

    “I had had open heart surgery one year ago this week,” said Star, who is also celebrating a birthday this week.

    The ladies of “The Talk” joked with Star that when NeNe visited the show, she seemed to be trying to raise awareness for the fictional “I Hate Star Jones” fund.

    Star, who also promoted her novel on the talk show, said that “Celebrity Apprentice” and “The Talk” are great platforms to raise money and awareness for causes.

    “Why would I spend that time talking about somebody else?” she asked.



    -Tracy L. Scott




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