‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: March 21

    Couple: Wendy Williams & Tony Dovolani
    Dance: Cha-Cha-Cha

    “Dancing With the Stars” did not get off to a great start for Wendy, but she had all the potential to be a fan favorite out of the gate. Her personality alone pegged her as a ballroom bombshell exploding with energy. “All of my life I’ve been told, ‘Too much, too loud, too fast.’ So, I think DWTS is perfect for me,” she said.

    There were signs of trouble, though, when Wendy’s professional partner, Tony, told her that she had to come out of her shell. “People expect to see powerful Wendy Williams,” he said during practice one day.

    And, Wendy admitted, “Tony keeps telling me that I’m too timid, but it’s hard to be confident when I don’t even know the steps.” Sadly after weeks of practicing in flats (Yes, Wendy wore flats to practice), she put out a Cha Cha to “I’m Every Woman” that was pure awful. We love us some Wendy, but the routine was just a fail from beginning to end.

    Wendy danced slightly (only very slightly) better than Bristol Palin on her best day. What a let down. We expected better of her!  We thought she’d come out oozing energy, but it seemed like she’d taken an Ambien before she stepped out into the ballroom in her kitten heels.

    Where was the larger-than-life Wendy we’ve come to know, love and expect?! Her personality was flat and her moves were stiff. All we can say after watching the routine below is thank god she’s got a loyal and enthusiastic fan base and another week to step up her game! We wouldn’t be this harsh on Wendy if we didn’t think she could bring it better than she did Monday night.

    A dance like that only earned Wendy 14 points from the judges, putting her at the bottom of the pack.

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