‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: March 21

    Couple: Sugar Ray Leonard & Anna Trebuskaya
    Dance: Foxtrot

    We know how fast Sugar Ray can move in a fight. He’s so nimble and light on his feet that no one can touch him. That should make ballroom dancing a breeze for him, right? Not so much.

    “In the ring I could dance. My feet were fast, I was always on balance, I knew what to do,” Ray said, “but outside the ring, we’re talking disaster.”

    Most fighters are awful in the ballroom, and their moves are usually pretty stunted. But if anyone can get them to open up a little more, it’s Anna, who said she would “break [Ray] into a dancer.” She thinks his biggest problem, as with most fighters, is with his posture.

    “As a boxer, he’s used to keeping his shoulders up an his fists in front of his face for protection,” Anna explained. “In dancing he has to stay unprotected.”

    Somehow she got Ray to open up for his Foxtrot. For an older man, Ray had a few moves, and he even put in a little hop. Get it, Ray! Although he was good about being on his toes throughout most of the routine, he was still heavy on his feet in some spots.


    Despite having posture like “a ninja turtle,” Ray won 17 points from the judges.

    None of the couples are up for elimination this week because the first cuts are being made next week. That’s good news for some couples, who could really use another week to improve. We’re looking at you, Wendy!

    – Sonya Eskridge


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