Oprah opens her secret diaries

    Oprah Winfrey might be a dynamic billionaire, but her diary reveals that she’s no stranger to crushing heartbreak.

    Oprah usually appears to have it all pretty much together on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” and many women look to her as a strong source of guidance and inspiration in their own lives. In the April issue of O, however, Oprah is sharing her more fragile side by sharing a few intimate passages from her secret diaries.

    The never-before-seen pages reveal that the media super woman has been through more than her fair share of man trouble, which at one point were just overwhelming. “I want to die… I wish for something to put an end to this madness,” she wrote about a relationship in 1981.

    In fact, many of Oprah’s  diary entries focus on her numerous relationship problems. We wonder if any of that includes commentary on John Tesh? Oprah also refers to her twenties as her “3-D years” because she “was delusional, in denial and damaged.”

    A quick read from her journal even had Oprah wondering how she became the media maven so many admire today.

    “It’s a wonder that I’ve managed to be a successful human being considering how pathetic I appeared in many of my daily musings,” Oprah said. “It’s a testament to growth and grace that I’ve come this far… I used my journals as therapy. Oh, the time I wasted worrying about men and weight!”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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