Rihanna may cancel tour dates

    Rihanna’s LOUD tour isn’t shaping up like she thought it would, so she’s revising her schedule.

    According to The New York Post, the “S&M” singer may have to cancel a few shows on the upcoming arena tour because of poor ticket sales in bigger cities. Reportedly she’s having a particularly hard time filling seats.

    “It has been a big disappointment,” a source told the Post. “The ticket sales in big US cities like Boston are so bad, they will barely cover basics like the lighting and other arena costs. Tour managers are begging local radio stations to do giveaways.”

    As it stands, Rihanna is supposed to do a show at the T.D. Garden arena on July 24, and she would need to sell at 15,000 tickets to break even on that performance. She’s only sold about 3,700 seats far. Tour managers are expecting to lose more than $500,000 on that show, which is it to say nothing of losses in other undersold cities.

    Rihanna’s manager Marc Jordan is now prepping a few changes to the tour schedule.

    A tour insider told the Post that this would not have been a problem had Rihanna gone for more modest venues. “She should’ve been doing theaters and smaller venues. She’s not ready to headline an arena tour,” the source said.

    While ticket sales might be slow, there’s word that Rihanna isn’t scaling back her expectations and demands for the tour. “It’s the normal diva requests,” said an insider, “which is tolerated–when you make money.”

    Rihanna’s camp hasn’t made any official comment on the status of the tour, which kicks off June 4 in Baltimore.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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