Cedric the Entertainer had us rolling at the Detroit Auto Show

    At the North American Auto Show in Detroit, during the unveiling of a new book titled Driven: A Tribute to African American Achievement in the Automotive Industry, Cedric the Entertainer dropped by to give us some comic relief. He was hilarious and earned a nice piece of change for a monologue that lasted all of maybe 10 minutes. The voluminous Driven was published by Real Times and Who’s Who Publishing. It highlights the African Americans who were and are achievers in the auto industry.

    Bill Perkins, co-chairman of the North American International Auto Show, spoke at the Driven event along with Bill Pickard. Pickard wrote the forward for the coffee-table book and is the chairman of the leading automotive supply company, Global Automotive Alliance. Hearing from Bill Perkins was particularly cool because Bill was made the first African-American vice-chairman of NAIAS, so he’s also a pioneer in the industry. He was so happy to seem more than 700 cars on display at the show and to have about 5,500 journalists from more than 62 countries there to write about the happenings in our once-again bourgeoning American car industry. My good friend, videographer Montez Miller (montezmiller@themontezgroup.com), was there, too. We’ve known each other since our BET days. She now shoots for many organizations in Detroit. I just love her.




    –Jamie Foster Brown



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