Nicki Minaj exes ‘X Factor’

    Nicki Minaj will not be taking a seat on the judges’ panel when Simon Cowell brings “The X Factor” stateside.

    Earlier this week, rumors about Nicki possibly judging the talent show circulated around the blogosphere and in gossip columns. Today Nicki’s camp put a stop to all the chatter by telling , “There’s nothing going on with [X Factor].”

    Simon helping to spread the speculation himself, but sources close to Nicki made it clear that the Young Money rapper would not be judging the talent show.

    Nicki’s name was, however, one of several being tossed around for the panel. Supposedly, Tommy Mottola and Nicole Scherzinger are both candidates to judge the show.

    There’s also word that Jessica Simpson and Paula Abdul, Simon’s old “American Idol” partner, are being considered for spots at the judges’ table as well. It’s not clear where they stand with the prospective “X Factor” gig at this time.

    Truth be told, Nicki’s focus is on displaying her own talents, not judging anyone else’s. The rapper told MTV News that althoug she’s still promoting Pink Friday, she’s ready to do a follow-up album. 

    Nicki put that talk into action as she’s been working hard in the studio for her next project. Prepping to tour with Lil Wayne, however, has put a strain on her time in the booth.

    “I slowed down because I been rehearsing,” she said. “I couldn’t do a lot of stuff. There’s things that are pending that I have to turn in.”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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