Bobbi Kristina on TV?

    What follows after photos of a young Hollywood socialite allegedly snorting coke surface and reports of her refusing to go to rehab hit the media? A reality show!

    Bobbi Kristina, daughter of singers Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, is apparently in talks to star in her own reality TV show.

    She tweeted yesterday, “Guess what?! We are currently in the process of meetings about starting my very OWN! Realityshow!!”

    Assuming the show happens, it won’t be Bobbi’s first foray into reality TV. She showed up on her dad’s 2005 Bravo series “Being Bobby Brown.”

    Back then, Bobbi was just a sidebar to the main story of her parents’ entertaining and somewhat chaotic marriage.

    However, it seems this time Bobbi will be center stage, and if the past few weeks are any indication, there will be plenty for viewers to take in.

    Bobbi obviously has quite a social life judging by all the photos leaked of her kissing girls and doing drugs. Oh, and then there are the scorned lovers, like the one who supposedly sent the cocaine-snorting photos to The National Enquirer in the first place.

    However, Bobbi is hoping to show viewers who she “really” is.

    “The world needs 2know me 4who I REALLY am. U all will get 2 see my every day living, walk with me thro startin my career..EVERYTHING,” she tweeted. “I would only want to do this reality show so THEWORLD can know me for me. The GODfreaing young, classy. outgoing, sill, REAL women iAM.”



    — Tracy L. Scott



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