Jill Scott brings ‘Shame’ home

    Jill Scott took it back to one of her hometown spots to shoot the music video for “Shame.”

    CNN.com reports that the Philadelphia diva decided there was no better locale for her next video than the Cecil B. Moore Recreation Center. She and rapper Eve, a fellow Philly native, shot the video in the building’s gym. “Shame” is the first single from Jill’s upcoming album The Light of the Sun, which is being released by her new label Warner Bros. Records.

    By all accounts, the set looked more like a party than a video shoot. There was loud music. People were dancing and all the extras (and some of their family members) were having a great time. The atmosphere was fitting. What better way to celebrate her charity, the Blues Babe Foundation, than by saving the neigborhood hangout? The foundation paid for a new roof and gym floor, among other repairs.

    “When I found out it was closing, it just hurt my feelings because kids like me needed a place to go,” Jill said. “We just started to really take care of this facility because we don’t want it to shut down.”

    The B. Moore rec center is where Jill spent her summers, and it’s where she first started penning her music and poetry. Jill just couldn’t bear the thought of kids in her old neighborhood not having the same hub that she did growing up.

    “Every community needs a rec center,” Jill said. “I put a lot of my love and my heart here.”

    It took about 11 hours to shoot “Shame,” but that didn’t bother most people on set. “Today was awesome, like really awesome,” said dancer Ericka Garrison, who brought her grandmother along for the day. “This is a really good opportunity for all of the dancers and entertainers in Philadelphia. She really did a good job.”

    Jill was more than happy for a chance to boost her old community and give her people a little time to shine. “You still have to come back,” she said. “Where you come you take care of that place. Everybody is supposed to be a part of their own community.”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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