Morning Buzz 3.25.11

    Keri Hilson hooks up with Chris Brown

    Keri Hilson and Chris Brown got their engines going in the video for “One Night Stand.” Keri dropped by “106 & Park” on Thursday to debut the video, which ditched the bedroom to steam up a garage. Who knew car parts were a turn on?!

    Watch the video below to see how Keri and Chris made car maintenance sexy!



    Simmons sisters get their own Barbie

    Angela and Vanessa Simmons are cooking up some sweet outfits for Barbie.

    Angela announced the release of the So In Style’s Pastry Barbies, and she tweeted a pic of herself signing some boxes of the dolls for a few very lucky customers. The dolls all come with their own mini shopping bags that have Angela and Vanessa’s faces on them.

    Unfortunately there’s no word on when the dolls are hitting the market, but click the thumbnails below to get a better look them.






    Wendy William sued for being ‘ungrateful’

    Apparently good manners and being friendly will keep you out of court. Wendy Williams is being sued by an Atlantic City promoter, who claims the talk show host and “Dancing With the Stars” contestant acted like a diva. reports that the promoter paid Wendy $25,000 for a two-hour appearance at The Pool at Harrah’s Resort, where she was supposed to mingle with guests and take the stage. Once Wendy and her manager-husband Big Kev got there, however, they headed straight for a cabana.

    The suit states that Wendy “disappointed her fans who came out expecting her to host the party” by keeping mostly to herself while she was there, failing to get on the mic and talk to fans during her visit. Supposedly, Wendy and her hubby demanded four bottles of Ace of Spades champagne and two bottles of white wine, asking to be left alone while they drank. 

    The promoter also claims that Wendy left after an hour, only half the agreed upon time. Wendy’s camp has declined to comment on the situation.


    Khloe can cook!

    It seems like Khloe and Lamar have a somewhat traditional marriage with her throwing down in the kitchen and knowing how to submit to her man.

    “She can cook. Her personality on the show is her. She’s very assertive and aggressive, but to her man, submissive when she needs to be. I never would think in my wildest dreams that she was so domestic,” he said.

    “When you have a spiritual connection with somebody, it pulls this blanket of security and you always feel like everything is gonna be alright. You have someone to share everything with,” he said, adding “being in love is the best part.”

    Khloe had a little something to say, too, especially about the couple’s biggest argument.

    Watch it.


    Jagged Edge returns!

    Where have all the R&B groups gone? Well, Jagged Edge may have been MIA for a while, but the quartet is back to fill the slot that’s missing in today’s music industry.

    The Remedy, the group’s 7th studio album, is due in June and promises to “have that classic Jagged Edge sound: timeless, sensual and honest R&B music that millions of fans adore,” according to a press release.

    The Remedy boasts 12 tracks, including one with Rick Ross, and the group’s first single “Baby.”

    Hear it here.



    –Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott




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