Star unfazed by NeNe and ex

    Star Jones isn’t letting the relationship between “Celebrity Apprentice” co-star NeNe Leakes and her ex-husband Al Reynolds faze her.

    “Could it be more miscellaneous?” she rhetorically asked while visiting the Wendy Williams show today. She added that she did not care if the two were sleeping together.

    When Wendy asked Star about NeNe’s earlier comment that she wouldn’t “spit on Star if she were on fire,” Star responded, “That’s not a ladylike thing to say.”

    In recent months, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star has been on “Wendy Williams,” “The Talk,” “Access Hollywood,” “The Ellen DeGeneres” show and others, taking the opportunity to bad-mouth Star at every venue.

    This week on Ellen’s show, NeNe said: 

“She is bossy; she’s manipulative, conniving and I’m not even being funny… She is a disaster.”

    Star, who has been the less aggressive of the two in their battle of words, questioned why NeNe has continued to verbally assault her to media outlets nationwide.

    “I’ve been thinking about this. Did I sleep with her and forget to call the next day? I’m starting to feel that way. Have you ever seen an experience where someone just talks about you again and again and again?” she said.

    Star, who also took time to promote her book and “Celebrity Apprentice” charity, the American Heart Association, took issue with the suggestion that she has been fighting with NeNe.

    “It takes two people to fight. I have not been fighting. In case you have not noticed, you’ve had things being lobbed at me from the left, and I refuse to lob back from the right,” she said.

    “I am an educated African-American woman, and I am not going to lower myself,” said Star who’s been accused by NeNe of being pretentious.

    Surprisingly, Star and NeNe have yet to seriously bump heads on episodes that have aired this season. The two did raise voices on the latest episode, but Star’s main issue seemed to be with Lisa Rinna, who was the first female to be voted off the show.

    Star led her team to victory as the project leader. Now, it’s NeNe’s turn on the upcoming episode, and the previews show NeNe in tears.

    Star would not comment on whether she actually won the show; although, Wendy pressed her for a confirmation.

    You’re “delicious shady,” Wendy said.

    Watch the interview.



    -Tracy L. Scott



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