‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: March 29

    Couple: Wendy Williams & Tony Dovolani
    Dance: Quickstep
    Score: 17

    We’re still waiting on Wendy to show up in the ballroom and stick around for a while. Last week, she turned in a lackluster Cha Cha that left us wondering if she took a sleep aid before making her way to the floor.

    Her practice footage gave us hope that Wendy would amp up her performance this week, injecting the fire that we have come to love and expect of her. She lit up the practice studio with her personality, and we couldn’t wait for her to just let it shine in the ballroom.

    “The judges said I need to bring more personality, so tonight I’ll be back with the quickstep,” Wendy assured, shaking off criticism that she was too timid last week. And Wendy had been tweeting all week that this Quickstep would be her redemption dance. There’s no way she could have done any worse than she did on the season premiere.


”People are talking and we gotta get this thing down,” Wendy said.

    While she didn’t do quite that badly, we didn’t see much improvement. Yes, she threw in a little more of her personality into the dance, but her Quickstep was on slow-motion. The judge seemed to like what Wendy did, but for us the performance was still very heavy. We understand that Wendy doesn’t want her boobs bouncing around too much, but that’s no excuse for what we saw.

    Couple: Hines Ward & Kym Johnson
    Dance: Quickstep
    Score: 23

    We think we have Hines’ strategy pegged: Underpromise then over-deliver.  Last week he said he wasn’t a good dancer, but he blew us away with his Cha Cha. This week he claimed he might have trouble with the Quickstep because of the posture. 

    “My shoulders are very weak, so to be in that posture for over a minute is very difficult, but I’m not going to make excuses for it,” Hines said. “I’m trying to become a dancer not the football player.”


It didn’t take us long to figure out his strategy. We have your game peeped from top to bottom, Hines! Not surprisingly, Hines brought it with his Quickstep. He really captured his character for the routine while executing moves with a precision and style that we don’t expect to see from other competitors for a few more episodes. He’s one to watch, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see him at least make it to semi-finals–pending any “DWTS” injuries of course.

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