‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: March 29

    Couple: Romeo & Chelsie Hightower
    Dance: Quickstep
    Score: 23

    It seemed like Romeo was a little more focused on flirting with this professional partner this week than he was on learning the steps for his routine. Every time cameras caught up with him, he was finding creative ways to get Chelsie to touch him–he even had her kiss one of his muscles.

    She didn’t seem to mind, either, until it got in the way of him really understanding the essence of the Quickstep. “This is a traditional ballroom dance, so I really want to see him be romantic in his moves,” she explained. “Romeo needs to realize there’s a big difference between flirting and being a gentleman on the dance floor.”

    Romeo admitted that, despite his name, romance was a concept that was completely lost on him. Somehow, though, he mostly managed to transform himself into a gentleman by performance time.


He held his frame nicely as he and Chelsie hopped around the floor, pulling off a seamless Quickstep. Although he could have been a little more formal in his moves, we were impressed with the final result.



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