‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: March 29

    Couple: Sugar Ray Leonard & Anna Trebuskaya
    Dance: Jive
    Score: 17

    This week, Sugar Ray should have been in his element with the Jive; it’s a light, quick dance that lends itself to his natural athleticism. Practice, however, got off to a very rocky start because Ray just couldn’t seem to keep up.

    “My biggest struggle with the Jive is that it’s so fast,” Ray admitted during practice…right before taking a tumble onto the floor. “It’s my first knock down in dancing.”


To make Ray a little more comfortable with the routine, Anna threw in a few boxing moves to play up the sport that made him a household name. As soon as she introduced something familiar into the dance, it gave him a great base to master everything else in the routine.

    “My strategy this week is come out with combonations, pizazz,” Ray said. “Last week was my comeback fight. This week, it’s my rematch.”

    With this Jive, Ray really came out swinging! He was zipping through moves that had him flat on his behind before. We don’t really expect a lot out of Ray since he’s an older man, but he’s got some moves. We would have liked to see Ray dance with a little more precision, though.


    Score: 17

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