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    When it comes to science, women sometimes look at the field as a cold, hard profession that doesn’t really allow for compassion and social connections. Growing up in New Orleans, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson developed a profound love of science, as well as math, and wanted to find a way to translate her passion into helping others.

    Now, as the first African-American administrator of the EPA, Lisa has her sights set on vulnerable populations, including the elderly, children and low-income populations.

    “A strong and healthy environment and ecosystem is part of the foundation of having a healthy economy,” Lisa said.

    With that in mind, she offers tips on going green that will help the environment and your pockets.

    1.    Keep reusable bags in your car or your purse.
    2.    Return your old smartphone or computer to a place that will e-cycle.
    3.    Cut down on your electricity and gas usage.

    “It’s really the small undertakings that have a major impact,” according to Lisa who proudly drives a Toyota Prius. “Those are the kinds of things that really make a huge difference for the planet when you multiply them by 300 million people.”

    Find out more about Lisa in the May 2011 issue of Sister 2 Sister.


    -Morgan C. Schimminger



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