Foxy Brown goes manic over manicure

    It looks like Lil’ Kim isn’t the only old school female rapper in a present-day beef that has thrust her back into the spotlight, but unlike Kim, Foxy Brown’s hatin’ on a radio personality instead of a fellow artist.

    Foxy, whose alleged overreaction to a missed manicure last week ended with her being ejected from a cruise, is in a tiff over comments made by Tom Joyner.

    “Let’s just say she got put off. You had to really act a fool to get put off,” said Tom, who’d apparently invited Foxy on his Fantastic Voyage ship as a performer.

    According to reports, the Chyna Doll artist was three hours late to her nail appointment and when the technicians were unable to accommodate her, she flew into a rage that resulted in a Royal Caribbean time out. Foxy was monitored by security until the ship docked somewhere in the Cayman Islands two days later when she was kindly escorted off, TMZ reports.

    Foxy didn’t take too kindly to Tom’s comments and decided to respond via Twitter. (Excuse the profanity.)


    So far, Tom Joyner hasn’t responded to Foxy’s online insults.



    -Tracy L. Scott



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