Jim Jones busted while driving

    Jim Jones is a free man again following a very brief stint in jail for driving on a suspended license.

    Another day, another musical artist busted for driving on a suspended license. The New York Daily News reports that cops pulled Jim over on Wednesday for driving his 2011 Bentley in a bus lane.

    Authorities said they had to slap some hand cuffs on the Harlem rapper when a quick check of his driver’s license showed it was suspended because of several unpaid tickets.

    Cops weren’t letting him off easy just because he’s famous either. “I don’t care how many records you sell, you gotta pay your tickets,” one witness overheard police tell Jim.

    The “Love & Hip Hop” star didn’t have to sit in lockup for too long. He was released a few hours later without any hard feelings towards authorities. In fact, he gave the cops at the precinct a compliment as he left the station. “They showed me total respect,” he said. “Every officer in there is a gentleman.”

    If he had to be arrested this was the time to do it. The brief jail stint comes just days before the release of his next album, Capo, which drops April 5.

    Jim promoted the album during a call to radio host TT Torrez of Power 92.1 in Richmond, Virginia. While TT had him on the phone, though, she asked the rapper whether he’ll actually marry his girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin.

    “You gotta watch the show to get all your answers,” Jim told TT when asked if he’ll get hitched on “Love & Hip Hop” this season. “I don’t know. It’s like ‘The Cosby Show.’ Bill Cosby wouldn’t tell you what’s coming up on the next episode, would he?”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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