Lauryn Hill writes to fans

    Lauryn Hill is trying to make up to her Atlanta fans for a poor performance earlier this year.

    In January, L-Boogie fans in Atlanta were left waiting for more than three hours for the singer to take the stage. When she did show up, she gave them a half-hearted show because she burned out from “playing the same music night after night.” Fans were so upset that some walked out!

    Lauryn knows her loyals deserve much better than what she gave them months ago, so she returned to ATL last night for a makeup show as part of her Moving Target Tour.

    “I had to come back. I’M HERE and excited for the opportunity to do what should have been done the last time,” she wrote in a letter to fans. “Starting off on the wrong foot can always be easily rectified by putting another foot down, especially in a ‘monster shoe’ (Nicki Minaj quotable). Come Again!”

    There hasn’t been any public outcry about the show, so we’ll assume it went well.

    The next stop on the tour is a show at the Aloha Tower in Oahu, Hawaii, on April 3. She’ll be back on the main land on April 9 for a concert in Portland, Oregon.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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