Tom Joyner sorta retracts Foxy story

      Tom Joyner is retracting an on-air statement he made about rapper Foxy Brown being kicked off of one of his cruises.

    “We reported that Foxy got put off, and she did not get put off. That was incorrect. She was scheduled to get off when she got off, but she did have some problems while she was on. That much was right,” said Tom who then acquiesced that some of what was said about Foxy had been blown out of proportion.

    However, he confirmed that Foxy did “act a fool” at the nail salon, as previously reported. Allegedly, Foxy showed up three hours late for a manicure and flipped when the technicians were unable to service her.

    Although Tom’s co-host, Sybil Wilkes, read a statement from Foxy’s management suggesting that Foxy showed up to her appointment on time, had her nails done and did not cause a scene, Tom wouldn’t budge on that point.

    “That’s not what the spa people said,” Tom said.

    It’s turning into a he said/she said situation.

    Foxy has yet to respond to the somewhat lackluster apology from the radio host. It remains to be seen whether she’ll be performing on any of his cruises in the future or whether that ship has already sailed.



    -Tracy L. Scott



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