Exclusive: Garcelle Beauvais signs divorce papers

    Garcelle Beauvais has signed divorce papers to end her marriage to CAA Agent Mike Nilon.

    The actress told S2S exclusively on Thursday that she was headed to sign the papers. “Took my kids to school, then went to Target and the cleaners, and then I’m going to sign my divorce papers,” she said nonchalantly, lumping the item in with her more trivial errands.

    “It’s a busy day,” she added. “I’m going to take my kids to the beach and try to have a good time.”

    Signing the court documents yesterday officially ended her marriage after more than a decade of–ahem–holy matrimony. In April of 2009 Garcelle blasted her ex-husband via email for cheating on her. The message, which was sent to all of his colleagues, revealed that he’d carried on an extramarital affair for about five years before Garcelle found out. The actress then proceeded to file for divorce in January of 2010. 

    Just minutes before becoming a single lady again, Garcelle said that although Mike is still a great father, he just didn’t make a good husband.

    She’s not set on becoming a bitter divorcée any time soon, either. Garcelle is a self-professed “hopeless romantic” who loves love. While she hasn’t jumped back into the dating game just yet, she’s certainly open to the possiblity of getting into another committed relationship when the time is right. Jumping the broom, however? Not so much.

    “I don’t think it’s something I’ll do again,” Garcelle told us. She feels that getting married is really about growing a family. Since she already has three kids of her own, the actress said she is not looking for anyone to put a ring on it.

    – Sonya Eskridge
    Reporting by Ariana Gordon


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