LaToya cosigns: Star is ‘mean’

    After some prompting from Ellen DeGeneres, LaToya Jackson admitted that she thinks Star Jones is mean.

    “Just say something sorta bad,” Ellen encouraged.

    “She’s mean,” LaToya said. “If I had lost that much weight, I would be so happy and pleased with myself.”

    Looking deeper into the issue, she said, “Whenever someone’s mean, I always become very analytical… Something is hurting her to make her react that way to everyone.”

    When asked whether LaToya was able to get along with Star better than their other “Celebrity Apprentice” cast members, she said, “I think everybody has a hard time with Star.”

    If you’re keeping score, that’s now three “Celebrity Apprentice” stars who point to Star as the problem: NeNe Leakes, Lisa Rinna and LaToya.

    LaToya said her fellow contestants underestimated her because she’s soft-spoken, but she wasn’t having that.

    “This is like being in prison, and they were like the warden. You have no idea,” she said about the show. “When you’re soft-spoken they think it’s weakness, and they try to take advantage of it, but no, it doesn’t work that way, and you’ll see.” LaToya said.

     Watch LaToya on “Ellen” now.


    -Tracy L. Scott



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