‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: April 4

    Couple: Sugar Ray Leonard & Anna Trebunskaya
    Dance: Paso Doble
    Score: 20

    Ray was terrified by his close call during last week’s elimination. So, yet again, he’s had to make a comeback (how many has that been this season?) and used it as inspiration for his performance. To show the “DWTS” audience his fighting spirit he had Anna make up a Paso Doble to “My Prerogative.”

    As the former boxer explained it, he played the song when he “reclaimed his championship” after some experts had counted him out.

    “I showed them that I had the determination to win, and I’m going to do the same thing with ‘Dancing With the Stars,'” Ray asserted.

    For a fighter, it shouldn’t be that hard to be intimidating, and pairing that attitude with the normally aggressive Paso Doble should have really tipped the scales in his favor. Ray, however, struggled with being mean! Since he seems like such a nice guy outside of the ring, we can see how it might be a problem for him.

    Somehow Ray found a way to mean mug his way through Monday’s dance, and he put some much-needed punch in his feet–just like the judges asked for last week. He took control this week, and the song revived his fighting spirit.

    While it’s always a good idea to go for what you know, we really need Anna to stop adding boxing elements to all of Ray’s dances. No, seriously, she should stop it. It was appropriate this week, but if he makes a fist while doing a Waltz we’ll pass out.


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